Thursday, July 30, 2015

Welcome and, yes, that IS a real size!

So, who am I, and what is this?

I'll answer the second one first. This blog is for me to discuss and review bras! You see, for a long time (read: forever) I had been wearing bras that just...weren't right. I was never quite sure what was wrong with them, but I knew there was something wrong. I hated buying bras and I hated wearing them.

Then last year I found A Bra That Fits, learned how to properly measure myself, and the rest is history.

I post on Bratabase as overthestars. I do post on ABTF but under a different name. For my own safety, I will not be giving that info here. My usual size in UK bras is 36H/HH - depending on the brand and the bra - with 36HH being the size I default to if I'm not sure about the sizing of something. As far as Polish bras go, I've only really tried Ewa Michalak so far, and my sizing there tends to be "throw something at a dartboard and try whatever it hits".

I've decided to start this blog because I like talking about bras, a lot. I've also noticed that the size range I fall into tends to be one that there is little info about, and I hope to try and fix that a bit.

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